Regional Centre for Educational Planning and Management

Given its track record of accomplishments in human resource development, NCHRD has been named a Center of Excellence for Educational Planning and Management in 2012, by the International Institute for Educational Planning in Paris, in partnership with UNESCO’s Arab Regional Bureau, in Beirut, with the unanimous approval of the Arab countries.

Since then, NCHRD has implemented the National Capacity Building Project in the Arab Region, In Educational Planning and Management. The project aimed at enhancing the capacity of Ministry of Education staff in educational planning and policy development, monitoring and evaluation, exchange of expertise, and building a database of related specialists in the region. Countries participating in the project included, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, the Palestinian Authority, and Jordan.

NCHRD organized the following five regional workshops, under this project:

1. Educational planning: approaches, challenges, and international frameworks.

2. Statistics for educational planning.

3. Examination of the education sector.

4. Analyzing and choosing among policy options: improving access, equity, quality in education.

5. Projections and developing scenarios.