Development Projects

List of the national projects in which NCHRD took a leading role

National projects :

Project Educational Development
Objective To support the national Implementing agencies in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of sub-projects, as well the management of expenditures, and seeking the necessary technical assistance to support national capacity building for the proper implementation of educational development.
Period 1989-2002
Beneficiary MOE, BAU, MOHSR , Vocational Training Cooperation (VTC)
Source of funding Government of Jordan, World bank, Japan international development fund.
cost 400 Million U.S.Dollars.

Project Improving Teacher Education at Jordanian Universities
Objective To improve the quality of teacher education at Jordanian universities to be able to meet the national needs in this field.
Period 1997- 2002
Beneficiary Public Universities
Source of funding European union
cost 4.5 Million Jordanian Dinars

Project Sustaining Economic Development through Technical Skills (Jordanian Canadian Project for the Development of Technical and Vocational Education)
Objective · To improve the ties between the outputs of education and training system and labour market needs.
· To develop the framework and governance of TVET in Jordan.
· To improve the quality of training.
. To set standards and criteria for quality assurance.
Period 1995-1997
Beneficiary Ministry of Education , Ministry of Planning, VTC, BAU, NCHRD
Source of funding Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
cost 11 Million Canadian Dollars.

Project Human Resources Information System (AlManar)
Objective To support and develop the Jordanian human resources and to enhance reliance on updated information and detailed data for decision making on personal and institutional levels. The project provides three main services :

1. Electronic Labour Exchange: This is an electronic tool available on the internet, and is accessible to both job seekers and employers, free of charge.

2. Career Counseling : This service, which is offered free of charge, helps the beneficiaries, including students, job seekers, and employees to identify their abilities , aptitudes and readiness to work in light of their qualifications and experiences. It also provides other tools related to career counseling.

3. Human Resources Information : This service provides a wide database and information, on the supply and demand sides directly from the relevant prime sources. It is continuously updated and made available electronically.

Period 1999-2009
Beneficiary Ministry of labour, MOE, MOHESR, BAU, Department of statistics, Public & private universities, NCHRD, VTC, Private sector.
Source of funding Jordanian government and (CIDA)
cost 5 Million Jordanian Dinars.

Project Sustaining and Extending Technical and Vocational Education and Training (SETVET)
Objective To support the formulation of national policy directions which focus on a realignment of Jordan’s TVET systems with the demands of a modern economy, and to strengthen the capacity of the respective TVET providers to conform to this realignment at the systemic, institutional, management instructional and program levels.
Period 2000-2005
Beneficiary Balqa Applied University, Vocational Training Corporation, Ministry of Education
Source of funding (CIDA)
cost 5 million Canadian Dollars

Project Higher Education Development
Objective To improve Higher Education quality, update its programs, and strengthen its ties with development needs.
Period 2000-2006
Beneficiary MOHESR, Public Universities.
Source of funding Jordanian Government and World Bank
cost 75 Million U.S.Dollars

Project Education Reform for Knowledge Economy (ERfKE) – phase I
Objective To transform the entire education system (K-12) in a way that it would produce graduates equipped with knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies required for a globally competitive knowledge.
Period 2003-2009
Beneficiary MOE3
Source of funding Jordanian Government, World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, European Investment Bank, German Development Bank, CIDA , United States agency for International Development (USAID), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Department for International Development (DFID)/ UK Government, European Union
cost 410 Million U.S.Dollars

Project Observatory Function for Human Resources Information
Objective To provide capacity building for the human resources information providers on both the supply and demand sides.
Period 2002–2008
Beneficiary NCHRD, MOE, MOL, MOHE, VTC, Department of statistics, BAU, Civil service Bureau, Chamber of commerce, Chamber of industry.
Source of funding European Union
cost Technical Assistance

Project Literacy Assessment and Monitoring Programme (LAMP)
Objective Gather quality data on literacy (reading, writing and numeracy skills) to improve illiteracy data base in Jordan within (15-65) age groups
Period 2008-2010
Beneficiary MOE, MOHE, MOL.
Source of funding CIDA, UNESCO
cost 650,000 U.S.Dollars

Project Child Development Studies
Objective 1. To adopt the Early Development Instrument (EDI) to better fit the local Jordanian context in terms of cultural, moral and social values.
2. To pilot a new instrument for measuring the child development outcomes within (3-6) years old.
Period 2008
Beneficiary MOE
Source of funding UNICEF
cost 67,000 U.S.Dollars