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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the National Center for Human Resources Development (NCHRD) website.

Jordan has par excellence accomplished a variety of achievements such as human development-oriented projects. Since its establishment, the NCHRD has contributed mainly to qualitative programs, development policy process, studies, education-oriented indicators, vocational and technical training addressing Jordanians’ competitive capacity along with improving the quality of education and training systems in various areas drawing on the National Strategy for Human Resource Development (2016-2025) and on supply-demand gap analysis for high-priority development sectors and job-market studies.

President, NCHRD
Prof. Abdallah Yousef Ababneh

On the regional level, the NCHRD has been the spring of necessary expertise because of which it was approved by UNESCO in 2012 as a regional center for educational leadership preparation in the area of planning and education management. It has been entrusted as headquarter for the scientific association of human resource development centers in the Arab world and the association secretariat as approved by the Arab Scientific Research Councils (League of Arab States). Furthermore, the NCHRD conducted studies, organized training courses, carried out projects, and provided consultancy services in human development.

The NCHRD has successfully accomplished great many achievements- some of which are: Human Resource Development Strategy endorsed by the Council of Ministers in 1998, contribution to the preparation of the National Strategy for Human Resource Development (2016-2025) and Jordan Vision 2025. The NCHRD has furthermore designed and managed a human resources information system; it places more emphasis on education, employment, and vocational training in national agendas. By the same token, it has introduced the Arab standard classification of occupations, conducted several studies on monitoring and evaluation of education sector plans and monitoring of evaluation of Jordanian students, progress according to national and international studies such as: Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), Program for Student Assessment (PISA) and National Assessment For Knowledge Economy (NAFKE).

According to those numerous accomplishments along with the significant expertise, the NCHRD has built a prestigious (not to say national, regional and international) reputation. It plays a very important role in supporting the national efforts that address human resources development. Those successes are guided by the continuous directions of His Royal Highness Prince AL-Hassan bin Talal, Chairman of the Higher Council for Science and Technology. His Royal Highness Prince Al-Hassan believes that human resources development is not only an economic necessity but a social and human obligation as well. It, above all, embodies the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein: “Jordan’s most important strength is its high-skill human capital”.


The Eighth Conference on Human Resources in the Arab World begins.


On Wednesday 16/10/2019, Dr. Adnan Badran inaugurated the 8th Annual Conference on Human Resources in the Arab World between Emiratisation and Migration, organized by the General Secretariat of the Association of Human Resources Development Research Center in the Arab World Wide. more info click here                           

The launch of sectoral studies 2019


Under the patronage of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, President of the Supreme Council for Science and Technology The launching of sectoral studies "Phase 5" will be held on Thursday 19/9/2019                           


The Jordanian Pharmacist Association (JPA) visited the National Center for Human Resources Development


 HE the President of the National Center for Human Resources Development (NCHRD) met with the chairman and members of the JPA and a group of deans of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Jordanian universities. Work for graduates at the local and regional levels and reduce the problem of unemployment in the pharmaceutical sector. Operating sector. To view the pictures click here                           

The main survey of TIMSS - 2019

The main survey of the International Study (TIMSS - 2019) will begin on Sunday 7/4/2019 and will continue until Thursday, 11/4/2019

Studies of the gap between the supply and demand sides of the economic sectors (Tourism, ICT, Construction) Phase Four in 2018:

The results of the sectoral studies were launched under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Al Hassan, Chairman of the Higher Council for Science and Technology and attended by Prime Minister Dr. Omar Al-Razaz and the Ministers concerned on Thursday morning, 15/8/2018. Phase 5 were also announced, the studies representing the pharmaceutical industry, chemical, plastic and rubber industry and Jewelry industries.

The National Center for Human Resources Development and the Department of Statistics sign an agreement to implement a field survey:

The National Center for Human Resources Development and the Department of Statistics sign an agreement to carry out a survey of five economic sectors covering the pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic and rubber industries, jewelery and metal manufacturing and transport and storage sectors, to be implemented in 2018 and 2019.

PISA 2018

The main field survey of the International Study (PISA - 2018) will begin on Thursday 10/5/2018 and will continue on Sunday and Monday, 13-14 / 5/2018, which will be applied to a sample of 9765 students aged 15 years from 313 schools in the Kingdom.. With cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the other education authorities(Ministry of defense, UNRWA ,private Sector)

TIMSS2019 Field trial

The National Center for Human Resources Development invited a team of educational supervisors on Monday, April 2,2018, to administer the instruments of TIMSS2019 Field trial. Prof. Abdalla Ababneh, the president of NCHRD, welcomed the team and assured the importance of Jordan participation in the international studies at all levels, international, regional and national levels. Dr. Khattab Abulibdeh, the researcher at(NCHRD) discussed the detailed procedures of data collection of TIMSS2019 field trial.

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